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5 Safety Factors to Consider Before Immigrating to Canada

Safety is a factor to consider when it comes to living at a new place. So, in order to do that you need to do your due diligence into safety and security when it comes to immigration. This article enlists the same when immigrating to Canada.

  1. Crime rate

The crime rate of Canada is 5334. This number is determined by considering the number of criminal incidents being reported to the police authorities per 100,000 population. In order to compare with the US, it has around 200 percent homicides, 127 percent aggravated assaults and 63 percent more robberies.

  1. Employee health and safety

Canada has stringent regulations that protects the employees on the job by all means. All the businesses in the country guarantee the health and safety of all workers while they are on the job. These very obligations are implemented federally via the Canada Labor Code that protects employees and workers’ rights. Want to get an easy immigration to Canada? Get in touch with Get in Canada Visa immigrationtoday.

  1. Housing

Luckily, Canada is one of the best housing systems in the world. Around 80 percent of its citizens have their housing requirements met in the market with a wise investment in reasonable housing programs are now increasing. In the year 2017, the Canadian government declared its first National Housing Strategy that invests around $40 billion on reasonable, accessible, inclusive and sustainable homes.

  1. Health and emergency services

As it is certain that the healthcare system of Canada is one of the widely recognized sectors in the world. All the Canadians, even with the permanent resident status have great access to a free family physician and hospital services in the entire country. The national health insurance plan of Canada guarantees that all Canadians get quality healthcare no matter the income or location.

  1. Personal safety perceptions

In the year 2017, 88 percent people living in Canada reported feeling satisfied when it comes to their personal safety. The feelings of personal safety as well as security in Canada are one of the widely recognized factors in the country determined by the OECD where 81 percent people living in Canada claimed that they felt safe strolling alone at night. The receptive policies of Canada when it comes to immigration, thriving settlement services and increased targets must always encourage the newbies to feel confident that they are readily welcomed in Canada.