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Criminal Lawyer: why you need to choose the best?

Has the prosecution problem affected you or your loved ones? Delay its resolution is impossible! Taking urgent action to protect interests will greatly increase your chances of a successful outcome. It is recommended contacting experienced criminal lawyers especially hired for Criminal Law, who know all the nuances and nuances of this area of ​​jurisprudence.

Criminal defense counsel shall enter into the case on the basis of the will of the accused or in accordance with the requirements of the law. Moreover, the lawyer has the right to take up his duties even at the stage of preliminary investigation.

What can you get?

The defender is an independent participant in the process, developing a line of defense taking into account the opinion of the accused in carrying out the most important procedural actions and determining the position on the case. The defender has a task to identify the circumstances that justify his client or mitigate his responsibility.

Who can serve as a defender?

The functions of defense counsel have the right to perform the circle of close relatives of the accused or another person who is charged by the accused with the mission and requests that he be admitted to the criminal process. It should be noted that the law in this role prefers to see a lawyer professionally engaged in the protection of citizens, and most importantly, his specialization should be related to criminal cases.

A lawyer has the right to participate in the criminal process immediately after the release of the decision to prosecute as an accused. However, according to the law, the defender can exercise his powers until this moment, namely:

  • From the moment of initiation of a criminal case during the inquiry in criminal cases
  • From the moment of actual detention and imprisonment of a person, or during detention on the spot at the time of the commission of a crime, as well as immediately after its commission
  • From the moment of the announcement to a person who is suspected of having committed a criminal act, a decree on a forensic psychiatric examination

People who have been groundlessly accused are in dire need of professional legal assistance and support. Unfair accusation, unfortunately, is not uncommon in the practice of the judicial-investigative system.

Conclusion: What to do if a criminal case is initiated?

The main mistake of an illegally accused person is untimely recourse to competent legal assistance. Often, appeals to a lawyer occur after a conviction, when an appeal to a court decision is urgently required before it enters into legal force. Having received a report on suspicion of involvement in criminal acts, or at the stage of bringing charges against you, obtains the legal support of a professional lawyer.