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Learn about filing Worker’s Compensation Claim

Many employers provide worker’s compensation claim in case any employee faces injury at the workplace. Employment lawyer in Toronto Stacey Ball suggests the employees understand the process wherein official claim form is a must.

To enjoy the benefits in case of injury, the workers’ compensation claims process is required to be followed. Also, the claim has to be filed before the deadline as per the state.

Under the legal process, according to an Employment lawyer in Toronto Stacey Ball, everything should be mentioned in writing.

Workers’ compensation claim process

If a worker gets injured on the job, there is a less amount of time to submit paperwork in order to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Both the worker and the employer must act quickly when an injury occurs else claim could be denied.

When an injury occurs, the employer must do the following things

  • Paperwork and guidance to the employee should be given properly
  • Claim file should be done with the insurer.
  • Should follow the state law

The employee must do below:

  • Notify the employer of the injury occurred as when and how.
  • File a formal workers’ compensation claim

The workers’ compensation process can vary depending upon where the employee is located.

When should an employee file a workers’ compensation claim?

The process of claim is generally uneventful and so you may require a helping hand of an expert. You can consult employment lawyer in Toronto Stacey Ball who can guide you well in such matters.

Expert may also advise that an employee should file a workers’ compensation claim if injuries were occurred on the job or within the scope of employment. This includes many things such as occupational accidents or trauma.

In order to file a claim, all of the below following must be true:

  • Workers’ compensation policy with the employer
  • The injured worker should be an employee of the company.
  • The employee got injured during working hours.

Following things will not be part of the compensation:

  • Stress or some psychiatric injuries
  • Inside injuries due to self
  • While traveling to or from work if the injury occurs.
  • Injuries incurred while having a fight or some crime

Here is now a brief description as for how to file a workers comp claim with the help of expert employment lawyer in Toronto Stacey Ball:

  • To file a workers’ comp claim, the employee’s injury has to be work-related. A variety of injuries may include, such as slipping on an icy patch or exposure to toxic substances in the workplace.
  • In emergency situations, the employee should be taken to the hospital quickly. For less immediate concerns, injured workers need to have a medical report for filing the claim.
  • The employee should provide immediate written notice.
  • With injuries or illnesses that take time, such as mesothelioma, the employee should report regarding illness after the symptoms.