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Step by Step Guide to Lodge Your Complaint Online

Consumer grievance is a thing that can happen with anything, and mostly for the stuff that is sold to people. There are lots of companies and brands out there who handle their customer complaints in unique ways, and for the consumers, they try to send their message through the internet, so their voices can be heard for sure. For a long time, the buyers were unable to find a good place to lodge their complaints online, but now there is a certain way, by which they can get relief, You can input your complaint here and you will surely get a satisfactory resolution from the seller.

If you are a customer then it cannot happen that you are entirely happy with the service or product, then you seek to give a review. You can add many complaints which can depend on various issues, and it can help you from consumer court as well. You can always register a grievance online and for that, you have to follow some steps. Here we have listed the same for your convenience.

Online site

You can Complain Online by government-issued ways, which called the Consumer Online Resource and Empowerment Centre. This site is run by the council of consumer co-ordination, and also by the department of consumer affairs.

Registering with the site

To submit a complaint you need to register for the site first. Here you will get an online form and you have to fill that up with your, phone number, email address, name, put a username, and a password. After that, the account will be created easily.

Making a complaint

The grievance can be put against any registered service provider or brand. You will get a drop-down list based on different sectors, then on brands. Here you will find all of the same, registered in the department of consumer affairs. You have to put the nature of the complaint you have, and its details. Also, if you have any document to give, you can add that too. You will get to know about the steps will be taken depending on the compliment from here.

The status

After you have lodged the complaint you will get a number, generated electronically. You can use this number to track the status of the complaint until the matter gets resolved properly.

Things to note that, you can file several complaints, and it can be done with the same login detail. You can track the signs of progress of your grievances, and you can fill in the forms in English or Hindi.