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What Are The Major Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents?

Do you like to ride a motorcycle in North Carolina? Not too long ago, I was rather scared to ride on one, until I did so with family. I had ridden a scooter before, but there is a huge difference of course.

It helped that the motorcycle I rode on had three wheels, a Spyder, and that I wasn’t the one driving. While I’m not longer afraid to ride on a motorcycle, it is important when you do to understand the major causes of motorcycle accidents in North Carolina.

One of the major causes of motorcycle accidents is driving under the influence. It’s the same for operating a motor vehicle. Another major cause is lane splitting. Motorcycles need to be in line with the rest of the traffic and not side by side in a lane with a vehicle.

Another major cause of accidents on motorcycles is speeding. That would also be the same as it would be with motor vehicles. Car doors opening represents another reason, and unsafe lane changes happens to be another. Once you know the major causes, you know what to avoid.

Sudden stops and left turns not handled correctly happen to be two more reasons. Back to lane splitting for a minute. Lane splitting is something that motorcycle riders do together, too. That’s never a good idea, particularly with riders who don’t have much experience.

One more major cause of accidents happen to be motorcycle defects. You, of course, know that motorcycle accidents can be serious. You want to make sure you always practice safety while on the road.

Enjoy your steel horse, but don’t think that you’re invincible. It’s important to stay safe while riding your motorcycle. Again, now that you’re aware of the major causes of accidents, you know what to avoid. Be safe, and always wear the right protective helmet.

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