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What is the Cost of a Lawyer in Montreal?

Indeed, the cost of a lawyer concerns a lot in Montreal. As per a survey, 69% of respondents said that they do not afford the cost to defend themselves in the court. Even 50.8% of the financially well population or the wealthy people whose annual income exceed 100000 USD also say the same when it comes to the cost of lawyers and other expenditure in the court. On the other hand, the representation of a lawyer is mandatory involving a structure of cost or the fee structure of a lawyer. Therefore, it is essential for you to know about the structure of lawyer fee and how does it function and whether there are any other alternative fee structures. In this context, get associated with Liebman Legal to know detail about the details of lawyers’ fee structure in Montreal as well as to avail affordable legal services in the court.

The general legal norms in the court for standard fee structure of lawyers’ fee in Montreal is an hourly fee but depending on the credibility of the lawyer or the lawyer’s firm. However, the average hourly fee is between 201 USD to 250 USD. When it comes to the fee of expensive lawyers the fee may increase and in the case of lower rates it may come down to 100 USD to 150 USD per hour.Normally, the experienced and expert lawyers especially who have specialization charge more.

Though the hourly fee structure is the trend in Canada, there is an alternative fee or pricing structure which has emerged in the last few years. As per the alternative pricing structure, the Pro Bono services are given free with a view to helping the communities for their easy and enhanced access to justice.

Under Pro Bono, certain files are processed free of cost without taking any fee by the lawyers. Under the package system of the alternative fee structure the fee of the file is fixed and it is disclosed in advance. The package structure is irrespective of the number of intervention and durations.The percentage structure or the contingency plan is a certain percentage paid to the lawyer once the file is settled or the lawyer has rendered a favourable judgement. In provision structure, the lawyer claims a monthly remuneration which is a fixed amount as a fee. In price ceiling structure of fee, the fee is charged on an hourly basis, and as per hybrid alternative structure, a mixed of all or some of the above structures are paid as agreed upon by the parties.